Our Practice

My practice is built around the philosophy that our bodies are designed to move and that properly functioning joints and muscles are important for overall health.
Let’s look at an example of what this means.

Imagine someone who spends the majority of their workday at the computer. Over time the muscles in the arm and shoulder become unbalanced due to the repetitive motions necessary with use of keyboard and mouse. Things deteriorate much more quickly if that same person is using the telephone while they are on the computer, holding the receiver between ear and shoulder by bending the neck and raising their shoulder (instead of using a headset). The "final straw" in many cases is the fact that this same person will go home and spend time on their home computer.

The result?

The muscles of the arm and shoulder become chronically stiff and limit the movements of the wrist, elbow, shoulder and even the upper back and neck. This is a gradual process and one may not at first be aware of how other daily activities are being modified in order to avoid painful movements (things such as putting on a jacket, carrying briefcase or purse, opening doors, picking up grandchildren and so on).

Sleep may also be disrupted due to the inability to find a comfortable position or pain when turning over during the night. A poor night’s sleep is not a good way to start any day!

Participation in exercise or a favorite sport becomes more and more limited and is then avoided because it is painful to the neck, shoulder and arm.

With this example, other common consequences include headaches, numbness or tingling sensation or perhaps weakness in the hand and arm, and on and on…….

My approach to chiropractic care consists of doing an analysis to determine which joints and muscles are malfunctioning and then developing a treatment plan to restore proper function and balance. Another important part of the treatment plan is helping the patient determined how their daily activities need to be modified to avoid repeated episodes of the same problem.